LILO – ” Sleep Country “

Posted: January 30, 2022 in MUSIC

Though London-based duo lilo have only recently emerged, theirs is a bond that runs a decade deep. Christie Gardner and Helen Dixon met at school in Winchester aged 11, and from that day forward have forged an unshakeable creative bond with their gossamer harmonies and finely-spun acoustic arrangements.

It’s a sound that calls to mind the ethereality of Laura Marling, but that is only the first glimpse of the versatility of lilo’s sound, their new material is set to break new ground in the UK indie-folk landscape. They hold the promise of a more full-bodied, band-driven direction, weaving elements of slow-core and offbeat country-pop refractions.

lilo began recording their debut EP ‘Sleep Country’ with close friend and collaborator Joseph Futak in August 2020. Over the five tracks that make up the EP, Christie and Helen explore new perspectives on love and friendship often through the frame of loss. Despite this, the tone remains distinctly hopeful and chooses to treasure the small things in the face of larger sadness.

Released January 28th, 2022

All songs written by lilo

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