METRONOMY – ” Small World “

Posted: January 1, 2022 in MUSIC

Metronomy announced the release of a new album, “Small World“, which will be out on February 18th, 2022 via Because Music. The band also shared an amusing video for their equally fun new single, “It’s good to be back.”. 

Frontman Joseph Mount speaks about the inspiration behind the new song’s title in a press release: “Part of me was thinking, ‘what is the lamest platitude people are going to be saying coming out of the past two years?,’ but at the same time, I was thinking how it will be true and how it might feel doing things again.”

He adds: “I’ve been remembering what it was like as a kid when I’d be sitting in the backseat of my parents’ car and they’d be playing their music and I’d think ‘this is awful,’ but there’d be one or two songs I would like. I thought it would be fun to make that kind of album, and this is the song the kids might like. This is the ‘cool’ song.”

The seventh album from the English indietronica act is a return to simple pleasures. “Small World” is a portrait of a band maturing with age and experience that still finds time for momentary bliss. A record that could care less about being cool, as long as you’re having fun.

Last year, the band surprise-released the EP Posse EP Volume 1. 

New album ‘Small World’ out 18th February

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