EMPATH –  ” Visitor “

Posted: January 1, 2022 in MUSIC

The fuzzed out jangle poppers return with a sophomore album that builds on the foundation of their predecessor. Instead of refining their sound, Empath goes the other way crafting something raw and alive, teetering on the edge of disarray. “Visitor” is the sound of a band in complete control of their chaos.

The second album by Empath is full to brim with gems that stick in your head. The sound is chaotic and raw but totally locked in. If you imagine Alvvays or Veronica Falls but produced by one of the Elephant 6 Collective then, then this is Visitor by Empath. In other words it’s magical!!.

Empath’s new single ‘Diamond Eyelids’ is out now on Fat Possum Records. Look our for their new album “Visitor” out February 11th, 2022.

Ask the members of Empath how things have changed since the release of their critically-acclaimed 2019 album, “Active Listening: Night on Earth“, and they’ll downplay it. Now, Empath release their sophomore full-length, “Visitor”, via Fat Possum Records, marking a seismic shift for the scrappy quartet who came up playing shows on Northeastern DIY circuits and now have just completed a tour with Modest Mouse. While the album holds steadfast to the careening, joyous noise Empath staked their name on, “Visitor” was produced by Jake Portrait, making it the first release the band has recorded with a producer in a formal studio.

Empath is Catherine Elicson, Garrett Koloski, Jem Shanahan, and Randall Coon.

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