Posted: December 22, 2021 in MUSIC

Existing in a kind of dream world stretched between reality and fiction, Manchester Orchestra’s sixth full-length is a beautiful and at times harrowing rumination on existence and death, and what happens when the latter cancels out the former. Initially conceived as a concept album that follows one man’s journey with the Angel of Death, life started to imitate art when the father of multi-instrumentalist Robert McDowell lost his battle with cancer.

The resulting record is a deeply melancholy yet strangely soothing collection of sophisticated indie rock that wrestles, as Manchester Orchestra albums always have, with the big questions—not just life and death, but faith, purpose, love, and the meaning of all those things. Frontman Andy Hull’s vocals are as radiant and rich as the melodies and layers of instrumentation that carry it, drawing you into the record’s distinctive otherworld—a parallel universe that contains an elucidation of all your hopes and dreams and fears in gloriously gloomy technicolour. 

The Million Masks Of God” out now

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