ADULT MOM – ” Driver “

Posted: December 22, 2021 in MUSIC
Adult Mom Driver

Singer-songwriter Stevie Knipe has been making music for close to a decade, since they were a college student in upstate New York recording in a dorm room. But Knipe (who uses they/their pronouns) has really taken a leap forward in terms of both sonics and songcraft with the excellent “Driver”. While previous Adult Mom albums had a spare, bedroom-recording feel, “Driver” is more of a band album, with bright production and songs that carefully and vividly map out an early-twenties travelogue full of crisis, memory, hope, and the kind of intense moments that feel almost debilitatingly hard-hitting at that age — even if you’re just starting to become wise enough to know they’re ephemeral. 

Adult Mom’s Stevie Knipe has been out here for years as one of indie rock’s great bedroom storytellers, with gems like “Sometimes Bad Happens” and “Momentary Lapse of Happily“. But “Driver” is a real breakthrough. As an obsessive fan of both R.E.M. and Taylor Swift, Knipe combines the best of both, as if hearing “Nightswimming” and “You Belong With Me” as part of the same queer-punk underdog story. The songs are full of tenderness and rage, even in lines like “The only thing I’ve done this month is drink beer and masturbate and ignore phone calls from you.” “Dancing” has the perfect credo for marching into next year with your head held high: “I’m dancing to the song I crashed my car to.”

“Berlin” is the new digital single from Adult Mom, available everywhere February 12th, 2020.

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