QUIVERS – ” Golden Doubt “

Posted: December 12, 2021 in MUSIC

The perfect soundtrack for this Summer Of Love was there by the Australian band Quivers I’ve had an incredible soft spot for the great pop songs of Australian band The Go-Betweens for decades. For this I have to dive deep into the archives, but fortunately there are also followers like Quivers, who delivers an irresistibly tasty album with “Golden Doubt”. It’s an album reminiscent of The Go-Betweens, but a whole list of other big names pop up listening to the band’s Melbourne music. At the same time, Quivers makes carefree doll that sprinkles furiously with sun rays and entertains it in an extraordinarily pleasant way. It’s music to make 40 minutes very happy and after that you just put “Golden Doubt “on again.

Golden Doubt” is already the second album by the Australian band this year. After all, out of time, which is an integral remake of R.E.M.’s 1991 album of the same name, was released earlier this year. It’s a really great remake, even though “Out Of Time” by R.E.M. is also an album that I think you should stay away from. However, the Australian band’s version did make me curious about other music by Quivers and it appeared this week.

Quivers already debuted in a different composition in 2015 and with an album I’ve never noticed, but the “Golden Doubt” released this week is definitely worth exploring. After all, the two-man, two-woman Melbourne band is grossing in music that is overflowing with the sun’s rays on her new album and therefore perfectly coloured for the current season.
It is music that fits well in the box “jangle pop”, but when listening to “Golden Doubt” I also immediately have fond memories of quite a few memorable albums from my record cabinet, where the albums of the also Australian band The Go-Betweens are at the front, but in which a lot of influences of R.E.M. also appear and influences from a number of memorable bands from the New Zealand stable of Flying Nun Records can be heard.
By mentioning names like this, I immediately set the bar very and perhaps unrealistically high for Quivers, but the Australian band can handle it. Golden Doubt is full of irresistibly tasty pop songs and they are pop songs that firmly embrace summer.
Compared to the aforementioned comparison material, some of Quivers’ songs sound a little more light-hearted. The Melbourne-based band prefer sweet to bittersweet and don’t shy away from an edge of kitsch here and there, but opposite the perhaps just a little too light-footed and sweet songs are some jewels of songs. There is nothing wrong with the light-hearted songs either, because on the summer days of the moment they go in like cake.
Quivers knows perfectly well what a near-perfect pop song should sound like, but the Australian band also has a sound that fits within the jangle pop, with occasional forays into the richly orchestrated pop of a band like Belle &Sebastian. On an album that fits in the jangle pop box, the guitar work is of course delicious, but the keyboards always jump into the ear in a pleasant way.

When the male vocals dominate, you occasionally secretly hear the bittersweetness of The Go-Betweens, but the choruses of the band’s two female members always give Quivers’ music a pleasant and carefree character.
Quivers makes the kind of music that is hardly made in the United States and the United Kingdom anymore, but at the other end of the world they still know what to do with it.
Quivers has made the soundtrack of a beautiful summer with Golden Doubt and it is a soundtrack that remains surprisingly well flavoured. And when I’m ready for something else, I also throw in the version that the band made of R.E.M.’s “Out Of Time“, because it also sounds very tasty. 

Released June 11th, 2021

Sam Nicholson – sings, guitars, piano, farfisa.
Bella Quinlan – sings, bass guitar.
Michael Panton – sings, guitars.
Holly Thomas – sings, drums, percussion.

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