VANESSA PETERS – ” Modern Age “

Posted: December 12, 2021 in MUSIC

Vanessa Peters is an singer/songwriter from Texas. Musician, Italophile, Virgo, coffee nerd, food lover, bossy-pants, big ol’ softie.
I’ve released 10+ albums and played over 1000 shows in 11 countries. I’m not done yet

The songs are great. The production is pristine. And I love the distinctive guitar riffs. Our next station is either Italy or Texas depending where Vanessa Peters is located at the moment. What I do know is that she released tremendous new album “Modern Age” in April and I’ve carried it with me all through this weird year. “The Try” might not be objectively the best song on the album, but somehow it has been my go to anthem.

Released April 23rd, 2021

Words and music by Vanessa Peters (BMI)
except “Valley of Ashes” and “Hood Ornament”
Words by Vanessa Peters and music by Rip Rowan

Vanessa Peters: vocals, acoustic guitar
Federico Ciancabilla: electric guitar
Matteo Patrone: keyboards
Andrea Colicchia: bass guitar
Rip Rowan: drums, keyboards
Joe Reyes: rhythm guitar on “Crazymaker”

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