Posted: December 6, 2021 in MUSIC

Admittedly, any release with the title “MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD” would’ve caught my attention, but Dazy’s 2021 compilation proved to be so much more than its eye-catching name. And sure, this release has plenty of thundering girth, but the band pairs it with classic, tuneful pop, which, in my book, is one of the most lethal combinations in all of music. Virginia-based musician James Goodson is the sole mastermind behind Dazy, and this latest release collects everything the band’s put out so far—two EPs plus four singles with accompanying b-sides—along with a handful of previously unreleased songs.

Dazy’s MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD–a collection of the project’s first 24 songs including five new songs.

“One amp. One mic. One person. Countless hooks. That’s the Dazy formula. Since first releasing the single “Bright Lights b/w Accelerate” in August 2020, Dazy mastermind James Goodson has been writing, recording, and releasing new music like a man on the hunt to find the best pop hook, and he won’t stop until he’s put all of them into his songs. With the release of MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD: The First 24 Songs, Convulse Records collects all of the singles and EPs from Dazy’s first year onto one tape. And because Goodson can’t stop making things, there’s five brand-new songs up top to prove there’s plenty more in the tank.

Showcasing a unique set of influences, Dazy’s sound marries thumping drum machine beats, blasts of feeding back guitar, and sugar-sweet hooks into something that sounds like Godflesh covering Oasis—or maybe the other way around. With lean song writing that recalls Teenage Fanclub but a home-recorded production style better suited for Big Black, Goodson builds a constant churn of abrasive, consuming noise and then makes it catchier than anyone else would ever dare to.

Recorded at home with a lone mic and amp, these songs are loaded with lo-fi rock goodness of the power pop and Britpop varieties, and some of the vocals even have an emo-adjacent charm. Their distorted guitars provide a colossal rumble throughout the whole record, and the sun-drenched melodies made it an absolute must-listen during those dying days of summer. One of my favourite moments is Goodson’s citrus-themed refrain over delectable, modulated guitar squeals on “Crowded Mind (Lemon Lime),” along with the swagger and meaty force of “See The Bottom.” Just like many authentic pizzerias forbid takeout to preserve the pizza’s integrity, you should crank this album as loud as you can or not at all. 

All songs written and recorded by Dazy (James Goodson) at home,

Released August 20th, 2021

“MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD: The First 24 Songs” – Out Now via Convulse Records

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