COURTNEY BARNETT – ” Before You Gotta Go “

Posted: December 5, 2021 in MUSIC
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“Things Take Time, Take Time” is a record of contemplation, that damnable, lazy buzzword folks use when art denies them obvious adjectives for describing a deliberately relaxed piece. In Courtney Barnett’s case, contemplation is her immediate aim, though this can be broadened into a larger story about slogging through negativity to find a bit of sunshine. For a record born of introspection, though, Things Take Time, Take Time is surprisingly fun. Barnett flirts with lugubriousness, but doesn’t actually commit, because committing to moping isn’t the point. Looking inward and working through depression, exhaustion and other stresses naturally means facing up to a degree of sadness, but Barnett reaches the other side of her emotional processing with newfound optimism. “Tell Me How You Really Feel” didn’t pull punches; that record cut and stung as Barnett meant it to. She kept the music honest. “Things Take Time, Take Time” is vulnerable music, which represents an honesty Barnett tends to stray from in her superb discography.

Courtney Barnett – Before You Gotta Go Taken from the new album ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’ Released 12th Nov 2021

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