FIDDLEHEAD – ” Million Times “

Posted: December 6, 2021 in MUSIC
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Boston rock quintet Fiddlehead will release their second album “Between The Richness” on May 21st via Run for Cover Records, following their 2018 debut “Springtime and Blind”. Something of a supergroup, featuring members of Have Heart, Basement and more, Fiddlehead blend post-hardcore punch with emo’s openhearted catharsis, all of which comes through in lead “Between The Richness” single “Million Times.” Singer and songwriter Pat Flynn’s full-throated growls emphasize the unending effort and emotional resilience required to hold a romantic relationship together over time (“What’s love if not a war for peace that never ends?”). “Come back for our millionth try / Come back one more million times,” he demands on the track’s hooky, anthemic choruses, with fluidly melodic guitars upholding the song’s battered, yet unbroken sentiment. 

On both their records to date—2018’s Springtime and Blind and this year’s Between the RichnessBoston rockers Fiddlehead have delivered a potent combination of anthemic melody, hard-rock muscle and poignant lyricism; the band, “blend post-hardcore punch with emo’s openhearted catharsis,” as we previously wrote in praise of standout single “Million Times.” “Between the Richness” packs hard-won wisdom—vocalist Pat Flynn got married, had a son and marked the 10-year anniversary of his father’s death, all between the band’s two albums—into 25 minutes of explosive, deeply personal rock ‘n’ roll that manages to look back on life’s peaks and valleys without ever taking its foot off the gas

“Million Times” by Fiddlehead from the upcoming album ‘Between The Richness’ out May 21st 2021 via Run For Cover Records.

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