PUP – ” The Unraveling Of Pup The Band

Posted: November 9, 2021 in MUSIC

Toronto punk band PUP have promised (or threatened, depending how you look at it) that “Morbid Stuff” follow-up “The Unraveling Of Pup The Band is “not just the next PUP record, but the *most* PUP record.” Based on what we’ve heard up to this point, they’re not lying: “Waiting,” “Robot Writes a Love Song,” “Matilda” and “Totally Fine” see the band at their funniest and most poignant, as well as their most anthemic. Even when a song is written from the perspective of an old guitar dying from neglect or a machine that can’t stand the strain of falling in love, each song blows its subject matter up so it sounds like whatever’s happening is the end of the world. The sheer amount of energy coming off every chorus tells us we have no choice but to jump along as it all comes crashing down around us. All things considered, there are worse ways to go out than singing PUP at the top of your lungs.

PUP follow 2020’s great “This Place Sucks Ass” EP with a new two-song single, “Waiting” / “Kill Something,” produced by Interpol/National collaborator Peter Katis. “‘Waiting’ came about by smashing the heaviest riff Nestor could write with the simplest, most uplifting chorus I could write, just to see what would happen,” singer/guitarist Stefan Babcock said. “The results were very quintessentially PUP, in that the song is a flurry of darkness and anger through the joyous lens of four guys just happy to be here, four guys who don’t take themselves seriously enough to make music that doesn’t feel like fun, regardless of the subject matter.” Meanwhile, “Kill Something” is about Stefan’s dog Moose, who — according to a press release — “loves to destroy his favourite things, and then is sad that those things are destroyed.” “Waiting” does indeed nail that heavy-meets-catchy formula that PUP does so well, while “Kill Something” is a little slower and murkier, in a Pinkerton kind of way.

Pup continue to get heavier and heavier with each passing year while painting a vivid picture with their lyrics. “And in the church basement, With my anarchist leanings, I’m only there to see you” is a great line.

PUP’s new single “Kill Something” is out now.

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