UPPER WILDS – ” Venus “

Posted: October 29, 2021 in MUSIC
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Brooklyn trio Upper Wilds features Dan Friel (ex-Parts & Labor) on guitar, vocals, and effects, bassist Jason Binnick, and drummer Jeff Ottenbacher and is really exceptional at making fuzzy-noisy songs with big pop riffs, usually concealed within explosive sonic textures.  They’ve now released the third in a series of albums about the planets, Venus, and the band is continuing their way further out as they go, planning to release a seven inch when they get to Pluto.

Friel confides that he’s still learning how to be a singer-songwriter after starting with interesting and possibly noisy textures. He prefers using the open tunings of Glenn Branca, tremolo picking, and effects that can ring and chime forever. Friel says that the lyrics just write themselves, themed around the planet named for the god of love, which also happens to be a “backwards-spinning hellscape that melts every camera we send there…”

Hear through the noise to the melodies as Upper Wilds plays very fast love songs from Venus, remotely from their practice space. 

Squealy-fuzz noise-pop trio Upper Wilds throws down cathartic love songs with explosive sonic textures and insidiously catchy melodies. They play very fast songs from the album, ‘Venus,’ remotely from their Brooklyn practice space for the Soundcheck Podcast.

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