The BRAZEN YOUTH – ” Hometown “

Posted: October 29, 2021 in MUSIC
May be an image of one or more people, people standing and cloud

The Brazen Youth are an indie folk-pop group from Connecticut who’ve just released a new EP called Changing. The leadoff track is a grand, slightly bittersweet song called “Hometown” that builds from a simple piano accompaniment to a full-on chorus with a cinematic arrangement. Unusually, the song doesn’t have a recognizable ABA (verse/chorus/verse) structure; the band chooses instead to repeat its “A” section several times, each time gaining momentum and emotional heft as the accompanying sound grows.  

If there is one thing we can know for certain, it’s that change is uncertain. and we hope to stay well adjusted to change, but often cannot adjust fast enough. We are lucky to have experienced so much change together. Through the thick of the pandemic we bunkered down together at that farm and recorded something much more expansive than any project we’ve conquered in the past. And through that, we were not able to conquer change, but we were able to get through it. “Changing” EP is a piece of what we did last summer, and it explores the ways we had to adapt- leaving our adolescence, navigating a world of chaos,

Written by: Nicholas Lussier, Charles Dahlke, and Micah Rubin

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