SONIC YOUTH/ The PASTELS – ” Play The New York Dolls – Personality Crisis / Lonely Planet Boy ” Glass Modern Split 7″ Vinyl

Posted: October 23, 2021 in MUSIC
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Sonic Youth have a new split-7″ with Glaswegian indie legends The Pastels featuring previously released covers of New York Dolls‘ songs. The Pastels’ cover of “Lonely Planet Boy” dates from 1987 and was originally appeared on their Comin’ Through EP, and Sonic Youth’s cover of “Personality Crisis” was originally released as a 7″ via Sassy Magazine in 1990, and later appeared on the 1993 Whores Moaning EP and the deluxe edition of “Dirty“.

The cover art for this split-7″ was designed by Annabel Wright and it’s due out November 5th via Glass Modern. Preorder yours from the North American or European store, and you can listen to both covers below.

The music we love passes from one generation to the next and the New York Dolls will always be a group to celebrate. Both Sonic Youth and The Pastels are not only fans but covered two of their most iconic songs a few years apart, in 1987 (The Pastels Lonely Planet Boy) and 1992 (Sonic Youth – Personality Crisis). Glass Modern is really thrilled to bring these two fantastic versions together in a limited edition split 7” single with Annabel Wright cover art. New York Dolls forever.

An early touchstone for The Pastels was New York Dolls amazing Old Grey Whistle Test appearance which Brian had on Beta tape along with other select choices which he liked to share as the mood took him. A few years later, in 1987, we decided to cover their broken ballad, “Lonely Planet Boy” on our Comin’ Through 12”. This of course came out on Glass Records. Glass is happily now back in business as Glass Modern and when the owner, Dave Barker, suggested we might release it as part of a New York Dolls tribute we were into the idea – particularly as he wanted to pair it with Sonic Youth’s “Personality Crisis” which we love. Unfortunately the master tape was missing, although we had the multi-track which we worked on with Paul Savage at Chem 19, going for something very close to the original. This is now coming out on November 5th as a 7” on purple vinyl with a fab Annabel Wright cover and is available on presale from Monorail Music and other reliable sources.

Glass Modern is a new imprint of Glass Records, for new recordings and a choice selection of Ltd Edition reissues on CD, Vinyl & downloads.

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