REGRESSIVE LEFT – ” Cream Militia “

Posted: September 7, 2021 in MUSIC
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Post-punk risers Regressive Left have shared their new single ‘Cream Militia’. A sonic collision sounding like ESG at their most unsettling and Talking Heads at their most cavorting, Regressive Left’s unfurls at a dizzying pace. Agitated electronic chatter, “Does blood run thicker than an IV drip?” questions singer Simon Tyrie in a baritone observation of neoliberalism and greed, One chorus of ghostly vocals from drummer Georgia Hardy and a frustrated guitar solo from Will Crosby and the abrupt hit has been taken. With a reception as instantaneous as the song itself, and half an album written and recorded, Regressive Left have come a long way since the trio met playing in teenage bands in Bedford.

The band have set out their stall across a short burst of singles, matching wonky electronics to spider-like threads of guitar music. It’s an intriguing formula, one that is playfully supervise, while recalling everyone from Delia Derbyshire to Young Marble Giants.

Following previous releases ‘Eternal Returns’ and “Take The Hit”, art-funk trio Regressive Left have returned with their brand new single ‘Cream Militia’.

A dazzling new dance-rock newbie, ‘Cream Militia’ was self-produced and self-recorded by the band in an outhouse near Stevenage. Out now, new single ‘Cream Militia’ opens with analogue synths, before settling into this kind of home-spun LCD Soundsystem groove.

Self-produced and self-produced at an outhouse near Stevenage, ‘Dream Militia’ comes as the band prepare for a flurry of live shows.

Filmed and recorded by Dante Traynor and Gamaliel Traynor at Sweat Studio. Mixed by Dante Traynor and Gamaliel Traynor and Regressive Left.

Regressive Left (Georgia, Simon and Will), Luton and Bedfordshire

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