PERSPEX – ” Soft/Double Recovery “

Posted: September 7, 2021 in MUSIC
Perspex band photo - Underground blog

With a slight Marc Bolan wail and brazen buoyancy to boot, it’s little surprise that the first album of Leeds-via-York four-piece band Perspex have eschewed the angst of their peers for a foundation of palatial, 80’s Glam. Prior to their imminent ‘Whip the North’ tour with The Black Lagoons, Perspex’s singer and guitarist Michael Cable spoke about epiphanies and recording their eclectic debut.

Formed from another band, which we were in when we were really quite young – from the ages of about 17 or 18 – and so we stopped doing that and formed Perspex. We all met in York, from being in college, I’m from Leeds but I moved to York at that time, it’s a pretty standard, boring story. Though I met our bassist Ollie through which is a pretty archaic way of meeting someone…I’d love to pretend there’s a meaning behind the band name but there isn’t, it makes me laugh; it suits our sense of humour having a plastic name when plastic is evil now! Obviously, I want to see the world burn, I’m against recycling, I litter; we are the first band to fully go against climate change! Not really, before I was in an actual band, I used to make up imaginary bands and write albums and songs, and I think one of them was called ‘Perspex.’

before Covid we were getting a bit of momentum and getting used to doing gigs, and then when lockdown hit it forced us to look around at what we were doing. I had a complete change of heart about what we were doing, maybe the word ‘epiphany’ is too much, but I was floating round the room going “no more Post-Punk!” and started writing different songs. That was probably the best thing that happened that year.

This year, we went into the studio and recorded an album, hopefully we’ll get it out within the year as I don’t want to sit on it. Otherwise, it becomes stale and then you’re not excited about it and you can’t push it in the same way! ‘Soft/Double Recovery’ was recorded the week before lockdown, we’d gone into the studio to record what we thought would be an album, which was great as we had all these songs ready to release as singles in quick succession over lockdown. It was a funny week, we learnt from that what not to do; we went into the studio and got pissed every day and came out with half an album.

i want us to be one of those bands that just puts out albums all the time and function as artists away from the hype, not quite like King Gizzard but maybe like The Jonestown Massacre. I’m determined to avoid the hype thing we have in this country; it ruins bands. It lumps bands who could be quite different and eclectic into one big collection of dross, when actually there’s lots of good stuff around, it’s just the way it’s marketed. I feel that in America they do it better; bands have their own identity and are releasing music as artists rather than as a low-level celebrity.

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