LUMP – ” Animal ” Limited Deluxe LP

Posted: September 7, 2021 in MUSIC

Laura Marling and Tunng’s Mike Lindsay collaborate again for a second album of proggy, otherworldly synthpop.

When Laura Marling teamed up with Tunng‘s Mike Lindsay for an album as Lump, it seemed like a one-off and a record that, as good as it was, wasn’t totally sure what it wanted to be. Proving at least some of us wrong on some counts, LUMP have returned for a second album that has a much more definitive sound, point of view, and energy. “There’s a little bit of a theme of hedonism on the album, of desires running wild,” says Lindsay. “We created LUMP as a sort of persona and an idea and a creature. Through LUMP we find our inner animal, and through that animal we travel into a parallel universe.”

Musically, “Animal” is a much more interesting beast, with songs built around Lindsay’s Eventide H949 Harmoniser, which is the same pitch-shifter David Bowie used on Low. It gives everything here an eerie, dark, primal grit. Songs feel low to the ground, slinking through the tall grass in the moonlight. Marling stays in breathy, understated mode, which works perfectly with the dense harmony style at play here, often double tracked with ASMR-y pure whispered vocals. It’s a different style for her, which she says was intentional. “It became a very different thing about escaping a persona that has become a burden to me in some way. It was like putting on a superhero costume.” That goes for her lyrics, too, which are rich with imagery. “Those who find themselves acclaimed go to God to get renamed,” she sings on “Bloom at Night,”  “It took one god seven days to go insane.”

Add to that Lindsay’s arrangements, full of warm cosmic synthesizers, fretless bass, and heavily treated guitars and you’ve got a very specific environment for LUMP to thrive. The songs are great, too. “Animal,” “We Cannot Resist,” “Bloom at Night,” and “Climb Every Wall” are wonderfully askew pop singles, while the more delicate songs — “Red Snakes,” “Hair on the Pillow” — bewitch like quiet moments in Italian horror films. With Animal, this LUMP has really taken shape and lets hope Marling and Lindsay continue to let it run wild.

LUMP have shared a new video for their song ‘Paradise’, animated and directed by the band’s Laura Marling.

The track is taken from the duo’s second album ‘Animal’, which came out last month via Partisan/Chrysalis Records.

Speaking of the new video, Marling said: “The day I wrote ‘Paradise’, I’d been reading lots about Lacan, this French psychoanalyst who is very difficult to grasp, and I had a dream that I saw him on a bus and he offered me a cucumber sandwich and it was deeply, deeply erotic for no obvious reason, and I thought that’s too good! It’s perfect psychoanalytic nonsense.

“Lacan talks all about the discourse of the master and the idea that we all have this impulse to project this idea that somebody has the answer, somebody knows. And of course he had become that in my mind, because he’s so ungraspable that he became an erotic master on a bus…So there we go. And the guitar solo in that one’s amazing.”

Released July 30th, 2021

LUMP share video for 'Paradise', animated by Laura Marling

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