ISLAND – ” My Brother “

Posted: June 20, 2021 in MUSIC

When it comes to big, blooming and moving songs, ISLAND have you covered. Today is no different: their new one ‘My Brother’ is out now and it’s yet another atmospheric achievement. 

Building and retreating; ebbing and flowing, ‘My Brother’ is a quintessential ISLAND track: richly layered and flush with emotion, it’s the kind of indie-pop song that transcends barriers and demands to feature on film soundtracks:

Island return with their second album Yesterday Park on tastemaker NYC label Frenchkiss Records. “Yesterday Park” is an album about nostalgia, that feeling of looking back, not to one specific time or place but rather the feeling associated with the hazy blur of childhood and teenage memories. The songs cover a lot of different themes, but at their heart they all stem from formative memories. The album was recorded with producer Mikko Gordon (Thom Yorke, Arcade Fire). Introducing new textures, instrumentation and recording techniques allowed the band to better create that reflective feeling they were aiming for. They drew a lot of influence from the 90s, and particularly beat-driven 90s hip-hop which inspired a lot of the grooves in the album.

On previous release ‘Everyone’s The Same’, we noted that “The verses are stripped back to grungey, distorted bass before taking charge with the noise-heavy choruses. It’s a no-nonsense track that doesn’t wait around to make a point.”

Official music video for ‘My Brother’ by Island

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