Posted: April 30, 2021 in MUSIC
May be an image of 1 person, outdoors and text that says 'Ml Burman everytime'

Molly Burman is a singer/songwriter from North London. At the Young age of 19, Molly has written and self produced an incredible catalogue of songs. She is now ready to share her music with the world at large.

UK singer-songwriter Molly Burman will release her debut EP, Fool Me With Flattery, on August 20th via Prolifica Inc and she’s just shared the jazzy, poppy first single. “‘Everytime’ is about my sad excuse for a love life. I used to be so obsessed with dating and getting validation from guys, but they just kept ghosting me. It got to a point where I realized I needed to accept that I was going to be on my own for a while and might as well start loving my own company. It’s like a sort of love letter to myself, always there to remind me that I am enough and I am exactly what I want.”

‘Fool me with flattery’ is about that guy who pretends he’s “nice”, but over time you realise that every conversation you have with him, he is undermining and belittling you. As women we are constantly made to doubt ourselves, to conform and take up as little space as possible. I wanted to write this song to remind myself that I should be as big as I possibly can, I should be a fucking giant and I never have to apologise for believing in myself! It’s so important for us to speak up, particularly right now, to share our stories, know our worth and stop letting the misogynists of the world make us feel like we dont deserve respect. Thank you SO much for all the love you all have shown FMWF so far. Be confident, be brilliant and don’t let anyone fool you with flattery

“Fool Me With Flattery” EP out on Friday 20th of August 2021.

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