Posted: April 30, 2021 in MUSIC

Announced by The Liminanas  a collaboration of the indie band and the French DJ is finally born under the project of Limianas / Garnier. A simple slash that parallels their names and their very distinct seperate universes, but finally do not seem so far apart too listen to “Saul“, is the first extract – and first title – of upcoming album “De Pelicula” scheduled for later this year. A piece that tells the story of “Saul”, a young provincial not very sociable who finds refuge in records and cinema until he falls in love with Juliet, the love of his life.

“De Pelicula” is”the spontaneous soundtrack of a psychedelic film noir scenario, the press release tells us. The record of a”welded gang”stuck in 1970 that revolves around riff, trance and psychedelia”, the founding elements of our protagonists musicians.

Described as a “musical trance”in pursuit of “teenage thugs in the romantic tradition of A Bout de Souffle or Sailor and Lula,

This concept album with a sweet vintage taste promises to be the most gratifying.

The garage-psychedelic duo and the pioneering DJ/producer of the French electronic scene, announce their collaboration with the track “Saul” the first single from an album to be released next fall. This collaboration was born from common passions: the German band Can, trance, rock, psychedelia. A concept Album, A feverish road trip in pursuit of Juliette and Saul, in the south of France flirting with the Spanish border, crushed by the heat. “Saul” is an introduction to this universe, a rock title that meanders and constantly ripples carried by the voice of Lionel Liminanas, it lays the foundations of their collaboration.

First single from the album “De Pelacula” scheduled for the beginning of 2021.

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