Posted: March 28, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Based out of New York, Roan Yellowthorn are an indie-pop duo consisting of vocalist Jackie McLean and drummer Shawn Strack, alongside a host of collaborators including harpist Mary Lattimore and the acclaimed production of John Agnello. Having released their debut LP, “Indigo”, back in 2018, the pair returned with last year’s covers collection, Rediscovered. Now teaming up with Blue Élan Records, the band are working towards the May release of their new album “Another Life“, and this week have shared their latest single, “Acid Trip”.

Their lyrical indie rock has landed them on music festival lineups from SXSW to Mile of Music and has a singer/songwriter heart.

Inspired by a solo car-trip, Jackie has spoken of the philosophical mood that created, as she reflects on, “how intense and overwhelming life can be”, and how that can make life seem almost psychedelic in the way it combines, “the macro and the micro experience of being alive”. The production on Acid Trip is fascinating, as Jackie’s lead vocal is initially mirrored by an echoing repetition, as if she’s singing a call-and-response to herself, and getting only muffled returns. From there the track really comes alive courtesy of the bright-and-breezy piano-line, combined with the country-tinged vocals and prominent strut of the rolling-bass, it brings to mind the likes of Basia Bulat or Natalie Prass. Jackie has spoken openly of how Another Life is an album influenced by some of the struggles life has thrown her way, from emotional abuse to terminated pregnancies, and how all of these things come together to shape the direction our lives take, ultimately though this is music that connects, as she explains, “I’ve realized that I am not alone in the experiences I’ve had. None of us are. Once we start to talk about what we’ve lived through, it’s clear – the only thing that isolates us is silence”.

Written by: Jackie Lee McLean

“Another Life” via Blue Élan Records. released March 19th, 2021

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