Nearly three years on from that release (for Bernice a rapid turnaround by comparison to the seven-year gap between their 2011 debut and Puff), the band return with their third full-length, Eau de Bonjourno, out March 5th from Telephone Explosion and Figureeight records. It marks their first collaboration with producer Shahzad Ismaily, the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist who has worked with artists as varied as Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop, John Zorn, and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. While their genre reconstruction remains distinctly Bernice,

Dann’s lyrics bring a newfound focus to storytelling in the present moment, compassionately meeting ourselves where we are, and finding joy in spaces that are familiar but ever changing.

Eau de Bonjourno, according to Dann, “openly plays with the shape of a pop song,” drawing on the band members’ backgrounds in jazz, subverting rhythmic formulas, and resting in grooves that sit just outside of predictable. Instead of letting instruments take extended solos, the tone is set on opener “Groove Elation” with brief blurts of synthesized sax, patient passages of space, or clusters of beats, tenderly held together by Dann and Williams’ intimate vocals. The album’s sound is experimental in its truest definition, chopped up like musique concrète and then delicately placed back together with the loving touch of a scrapbook collagist. 

We Choose You a song about the impossible present and the necessary future. Featuring the brilliance of Matthew Pencer’s production/mixing, the elegance of jake shermanwooo ‘s vocoding, and as ever the boldness of recording & friendship.

New song & video shared today !! it’s called It’s Me, Robin the video was made by Sonia Beckwith and Thom Gill it feels like a real accurate reflection of where I’m at these days, which can often not be the case when releasing music / videos as it takes so much time between the making and the releasing. This one still buzzes in me. Our album will be out March 5th on Telephone Explosion Records

The upcoming arrival of our newest album, entitled “Eau De Bonjourno”, to be released March 5th 2021 on Telephone Explosion Records here in North America and on Figureight Records in the EU/UK. 

The Band:

Robin Dann,
Thom Gill,
Dan Fortin.
Felicity Williams,
Phil Melanson,

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