SAMANTHA CRAIN – ” I Guess We Live Here Now “

Posted: February 15, 2021 in MUSIC
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This song is an anthem of sorts about the possibility of each new, seemingly meandering and unimportant day. I use the reference to Bloomsday, born from James Joyce’s “Ulysses”, as a substitute for any day, just a normal, nothing special, any day. The song is meant to inspire the agency we have over our participation in any day. Although it feels like much of the time we are being pulled along in life, we have the instrumentality to find within us light and belief.

I also have a music video for the song which you can view now! Because this song reminds me of the capacity I have for influencing my own day, the days of others, and a larger connectivity, I wanted to express that in the video as I was coming up with the concept. I wanted to write a visual story that showed the simplicity of that exchange. I had the idea of this cake being passed around in a very simple “pay it forward” fashion…one person is shown kindness, light, belief, wisdom… and can choose to pass that along to someone else.

FYI *We did not eat this cake afterwards as it had to be frozen multiple times between shoot days AND many fingers and clothing articles ended up in it or upon it, so it went in the bin…sadly* RIP Bloomsday cake.

Since I’ve been sequestered at home for the past year, I’ve been reminded of the specific beauty and complexity of Oklahoma and the fascinating things being made here and I want to share that with others. in celebration of vacationing in your own back yard, I’m giving away a mega-prize of Oklahoma-made products to someone. It will include art prints and objects by some of my favourite local artists, a guitar pedal from a local boutique pedal company, books by local authors and on local interest, local food products, and other goodies. All you have to do to enter is pre-save the album on your favourite streaming service – make sure to tick yes on receiving updates so we can contact you if you win!

My new EP ‘I Guess We Live Here Now’ will be out April 9th on Real Kind Records. Pre-order and listen to new single ‘Bloomsday’ now. Pre-order the Limited Edition 10″ vinyl record exclusively on Bandcamp now.

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