GIRLHOUSE – ” The Fatalist “

Posted: February 12, 2021 in MUSIC
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Los Angeles duo Girlhouse practice the art of surrender on their latest single “the fatalist.” “I think I’ve learned that the only way to feel control in a shitty situation is to find a way to laugh about how we have no control over anything at all,” explains vocalist Lauren Luiz of the bittersweet chugger, which finds a kind of quiet liberation in letting go.

Rising artist Girlhouse, duly reflected through her latest single “The Fatalist”. Not afraid to explore and emote a dizzying headspace, Girlhouse impeccably captures the intimidation of feeling a lack of control over yourself and the world around you–something particularly relatable in everyone’s own personal current contexts.

Confessional in her lyrical style, Girlhouse’s ability to be unapologetically raw elicits a deep catharsis that feels freeing–it’s as if she’s giving everyone the greenlight to follow in her footsteps and be intrepid enough to be brutally honest too. Unabashed vocals that hold a certain authority meet soft-grunge sounds for an apt pairing that feels like they pull inspiration from the past to present a contemporary artifact.

The track continuously builds momentum, leaving you at the four-minute mark not only completely enraptured in the sonic universe of Girlhouse’s deepest cogitations, but also longing for more. With a tenacity that feels almost tangible, Girlhouse is an artist that proves the worth in being your most sincere self and we can’t wait to hear more.

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