CHEVAL SOMBRE – ” Curtain Grove “

Posted: February 12, 2021 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Cheval Sombre’s new single ‘Curtain Grove’ is out today on all digital platforms. The incredible video by Chris Tomsett (Innerstrings) It is taken from Cheval Sombre’s third album, “Time Waits for No One”, which is released on February 26th. Produced and mixed by Sonic Boom and featuring backing vocals by Britta Phillips and strings by Gillian Rivers, it’s a majestic few minutes; a folk melodrama in miniature at the mid-point between Mickey Newbury and Spiritualized.

‘Curtain Grove’ grew out of a strangely productive, fragile month,” says Cheval Sombre, aka Chris Porpora, about how the song came about. “I was down with pneumonia but there was a piano in the house  on which all kinds of melodies came to me  during those silent afternoons, when everything was still. I then had to translate all to guitar, which took some patience and learning. But after this, it was astonishing – Gillian Rivers brought sweeping, orchestral strings, Pete [Kember] got hold and laced it with elegant melody, Britta whispered these elusive, lovely backing vocals.

‘Curtain Grove’ reminds me that much beauty can still come together despite difficult days. Innerstrings’ stirring video gracefully handles the play between darkness and light that we each of us inevitably encounter in which wonder ultimately prevails.”

“Time Waits for No One is Cheval Sombre’s first solo release for over eight years, following 2018’s critically acclaimed collaboration with Galaxie 500 and Luna frontman Dean Wareham, and the first of two new albums he has scheduled for 2021. It ushers in his most prolific period, and serendipitously the world has finally slowed down to his pace. This is no lockdown record, but Cheval Sombre’s reclusive, reflective music is its perfect soundtrack.

The new single from Cheval Sombre, produced by Sonic Boom. Backing vocals by Britta Phillips. It’s taken from the new album ‘Time Waits for No One’, which is released on February 26th.

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