BITCH FALCON – ” Staring at Clocks (Live Sessions) “

Posted: February 12, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Irish alt-rock trio Bitch Falcon had their debut album “Staring At Clocks” released last year – and it’s one of the strongest debuts of 2020. We have a brand new, limited tape a which features live versions of 5 tracks from Staring At Clocks.
Small Pond have released our studio sessions on Spotify and all major online platforms. The release features an exclusive performance of “Gaslight” and oldie but a goodie “Of Heart”. Combining the shimmering melody lines of 80s indie-pop enigmas Cocteau Twins, post-punk’s urgency, the raw edges of Seattle grunge and lush, claustrophobic shoegaze, the Irish trio have created a heavenly yet spiky squall.

Bitch Falcon; a name you won’t forget and a band who won’t let you forget them. This trio from the vibrant, much-hyped music scene of Dublin was formed by front-woman Lizzie Fitzpatrick with her friends in a small kitchen in the city in 2014. Since these freshman days, the line up has galvanised around the rhythm section of Barry O’Sullivan on Bass and Nigel Kenny on Drums.


Bitch Falcon have been around since 2014, but it feels like the pan is now coming to the boil. Formed by force of nature guitarist and vocalist Lizzie Fitzpatrick, the band have worked through several personnel changes before landing on the current lineup of Lizzie, Nigel and bassist Barry O’Sullivan

Released February 11th, 2021

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