JULIET QUICK – ” Circles ” Single Of The Week

Posted: January 28, 2021 in MUSIC
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Brooklyn based songwriter Juliet Quick has released “Circles” the first single off of her upcoming EP “Glass Years”.

The 5-minute song is one drenched in both sadness and perseverance. The song advocates for zoning out those who constantly try to give you advice on your life and career, noting that sometimes it’s what you need to do to keep your sanity. Juliet Quick builds worlds. Her songs are stark, sweet, weary, frank, immediate, vulnerably plainspoken, always sharply observed. On her forthcoming Glass Years EP, she carves out a space of her own by combining spare acoustics, playful synths, frenetic strings, and weeping lap steel. With these tools, the Hudson Valley-born, Brooklyn-living singer and songwriter reflects on climate terror, misogyny both subtle and unsubtle, self-interrogation, and holding on to hope.

The two verses that showcase this are right in the middle

Men tell me all kinds of things, I tend not to believe them
posturing over me, they say, they’re just using reason

Don’t listen to the crust punks, they have no coherent politics
you chase yourself around like that, you’ll wind up broke and nauseous again

Juliet’s singing has a similar style to Alexandra Savior. The instrumentation on “Circles” while minimal, letting her voice do the bulk of the work, perfectly compliment the song. The strings swirl around the track, coming in and out to accent Juliet’s lyrics. The drums only bang as the song swells to it’s peak and disappear almost as quickly as they came. Take a listen below and look out for the full EP coming out on March 5th.

All songs by Juliet Quick
The Band:
Nathan Kamal (violin, mandolin)
Philip Joy (drums, synth)
Josh Marre (lap steel guitar)

Released through Substitute Scene Records 2021, releases March 5th, 2021

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