BABEHOVEN – ” Yellow Has A Pretty Good Reputation ” EP

Posted: January 24, 2021 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Babehoven are a band who featured on the site back in May last year, when they shared the single “Dissociative Tally”. That was originally penned as the first taste of an upcoming EP, “Yellow Has A Pretty Good Reputation”, a record that was subsequently delayed, and will finally see the light of day at the end of this month. The record is the follow-up to last year’s, “Demonstrating Visible Difference of Height”, both EPs being recorded in the band’s current home of Vermont.

Led by singer, songwriter and producer Maya Bon, Babehoven have gradually been growing a following as Maya wound her way between Portland and Los Angeles, honing her craft and using music as a way of, “externalizing my deepest, most vulnerable sense of self through song”. Discussing the inspiration behind Yellow Has A Pretty Good Reputation, Maya has described it as an exploration of, “dissociation, loss, and the quest for self-love”. Musically, this manifests in a certain warped quality, as the warm fuzz of tape-distortion adds a wobbly quality to both Maya’s lightly muffled vocals and the steady rhythmic quality of her guitar playing. Working with producer Ryan Albert, Maya seems to have created an insulated musical world, a place for us all to sit with our discomfort, and learn to come out the other side stronger and more sure of who we are. Keep this up and even yellow might have to bow down to Babehoven and their rapidly burgeoning reputation.

Releases June 19th, 2020

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