LITTLE COMETS – ” Total Abject Paranoia “

Posted: January 22, 2021 in ALBUMS, MUSIC

North East veterans Little Comets are pleading for change with their powerful, politically charged new single ‘Total Abject Paranoia’. 

For as long as I can remember, Little Comets have always held a place within my musical conscious, regional biased aside, the band’s career has taken them from indie darlings defining the early 2010’s with some ground-breaking hits to going out on their own whilst maintaining that consistency of quality music. 

Fans have become accustomed to taking their Comets in bitesize nuggets over recent years, but ‘Total Abject Paranoia’ marks the next single from their currently online shop exclusive EP ‘Baywatch’ which includes favourites from the over last few years from ‘The Sneeze’ to personal favourite ‘American Tuna’

This band have seemingly developed a knack for predicting the detriment of the world in their lyrics, predicting the current pandemic in ‘The Sneeze’ in 2019. Little Comets are keen to ensure their own powers don’t come into play with ‘Total Abject Paranoia’, warning of the potential implications that can come if we fail to begin to challenge the politics of fear which grip our everyday lives.  Giving similar vibes to that of a previous single ‘Three Minute Faltz’, the band brilliantly use sound and lyrics to paint this grim picture of “populism and victimisation” being used as ammunition to “divide and rule” but offer optimism as the large majority of their catalogue does with sonic enjoyment and the hope to make the world a “better place” one note at a time. 

For all their songs of pure pleasure, both for me and many others, Little Comets have never been ones to shy away from heavy topics in their songs and ‘Total Abject Paranoia’ is a great example of what this band has and can still offer to us and one hopes it leads to seeing much bigger things in 2021. 

Just to say that our new song “Total Abject Paranoia” is out now, today in all the correct places. Please give it a listen.

We really poured everything into this one so we hope you like it! If not, hopefully there’ll be another one along soon to add to your elation/discomfort. In all honesty though, thanks again – especially at the minute. We really do need your support, so even by keeping listening to our music and new releases it helps us get from A to B. Hope to see you soon, Rob, Mickey and Matt

We’ve filmed a special, stripped back version of Total Abject Paranoia

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