LANDE HEKT – ” 80 Days of Rain “

Posted: January 12, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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This record was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ben David in his studio house in the Adelaide Hills in Australia in February 2020. Lande Hekt of UK based punk band Muncie Girls has released a new song. The song is called “80 Days of Rain” and is off of her upcoming solo album Going to Hell due out January 22, 2021 via Get Better Records. Lande Hekt released her last album  Gigantic Disappointment in 2019.

All instruments were played by me except for percussion which was by Ben. He also sang on the songs.  “80 Days of Rain” is a chiming track about a constant downpour that keeps you down. Its chorus is especially gripping, Hekt’s muffled voice singing: “Is this another string of bad luck?/ Is this just another week where we don’t fuck?/ This is where I think I go insane/ I can’t do this again/ 80 days of rain, 80 days of rain.” Hekt says the track “is about moving away and missing someone, and how that person taught me to get angry about climate change,”

Get Better Records 2021 Releases January 22nd, 2021

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