ROMERO – ” Honey ” Single Of The Week

Posted: January 10, 2021 in MUSIC
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Romero are From Melbourne, Australia , with a nod towards Sheer Mag, Public Practice,  Breakneck tunes that could make even the cleanest of spaces feel like a grimy dive bar made for moshing in. You’re going to love them: Their riffs might be front and centre and turned up loud, but this Aussie bunch can’t hide their big pop hooks. Frontwoman Alanna Oliver possesses a voice that’s rich and subtly theatrical, adding both an air of class and urgency to the walls of sound that have already scored Romero a hefty slice of attention, despite only having shared three songs so far. Spoiler: they’re all ridiculously infectious and ready to rock out to. Romero are a tremendously exciting proposition. They trade in high wire indie-rock that owes a debt to classic power-pop, having made waves back home by selling out their debut Honey / Neapolitan 7” at a rapid clip. Vocalist Alanna Oliver’s economical, drawled hooks cut back against the grain of charging guitars that owe a debt to everyone from Radioactivity to Blondie, coalescing into a killer package of studied cool.

Check out the other highlight track ‘Troublemaker’

There’s a high to ‘Honey’ that is immediate and habit forming – the sweetness belies the addictive element. It’s endlessly playable, which means there’s a good chance I’m still returning to this song by year’s end. Romero’s set the bar high, not only for themselves moving forward, but everyone else existing in a similar power pop space. Speaking of need, this is the kind of bright spot that we could all use.

Romero – “Honey” available through Cool Death Records ‘’Honey’’ is a record for the freaks and geeks alike. Hell, it’s for anybody that needs to be picked up and reminded that’s it’s not all completely terrible.

The Band: Vocals: Alanna Oliver Guitar: Adam Johnstone Guitar: Fergus Sinclair Bass: Justin ‘Murry’ Tawil Drums: Dave Johnstone

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