Posted: January 5, 2021 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The only context I really have for awakebutstillinbed is seeing them open for Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock, and AJJ at the Hollywood Palladium last January, an evening with a haha-what-the-fuck energy radiating from each of the bill’s four DIY punk bands as they took to the historic stage in front of a sold-out crowd. While they still seemed pretty confident onstage, the opening single to the EP awakebutstillinbed dropped on Christmas morning oozes uncertainty, with vocalist Shannon Taylor punctuating verses with “I don’t knows” before erupting into punky rasps—a considerably more existential scenario than the party vibes I first experienced the band in, though just as engaging.

Recorded in Shannon’s house, the twins’ house, the art boutiki and ally’s basement in december 2020. Thanks to chillwavve for inspiring me to write “leave” for their christmas comp, as well as martin and eric for helping us with this release. thanks to everyone who has ever supported this project, love you all, thanks for listening.


songs by Shannon. arrangements by Shannon with help from Brendan.

the following people contributed to this release:
Ally Garcia – bass
Brendan Gibson – guitar, synth
Jpegstripes – drums, synth, piano
Cat Egbert – drums
Jason Hallyburton – drums
Shannon Taylor – guitar, bass, vocals

Released December 25th, 2020

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