PETER PERRETT – ” The One And Only One “

Posted: November 22, 2020 in MUSIC

As the leader of the Only Ones, a band that drew fans like Johnny Thunders, Richard Lloyd, and Keith Richards, Peter Perrett was a musical force on the London scene of the late 1970s. After a few rocky, drug-filled, drug-fueled years, Perrett got sober but never hit the straight and narrow, and he’s still making great music. Many of you have probably heard The Only Ones’ best-known song, “Another Girl, Another Planet.” I consider it the most romantic punk rock song, even though most speculate it’s about heroin.  A friend of mine gave me a mix tape with the song on it almost twenty years ago and I fell for him right then and there.

With singer Peter Perrett’s unique vocals and guitar sounds that lend to the feeling of shooting through space on a pink cloud. “I’ll always flirt with death, I’ll get killed, but I don’t care about it. I can face your threats and stand up straight and tall and shout about it. I think I’m on another world with you.” -Lyrics from, “Another Girl, Another Planet”.

The Only Ones came roaring through the scene in 1976, playing pubs and venues around London. Peter’s natural charisma brought about fans as well as praise from fellow respected musicians. New York bad boy Johnny Thunders, who was a New York Doll as well as a Heartbreaker, even felt compelled to approach the skinny, British singer to compliment him on his voice. A strong friendship continued after that fateful night. After the Only Ones’ demise in 1981, Peter and his wife, Zena, made a full-time job of selling dope out of their house. Was he worried they would be robbed or shot, he replied that even the worst thugs wouldn’t dare out of respect for Zena. She was the best cook in town—the item on the menu being crack. I’m surprised at how transparent and affable Peter is. It’s usually hard to get to the dark parts of a musician’s history as they want to highlight their best moments. This isn’t the case with Peter.

These days, Peter makes music with his two sons who were formerly involved in the Libertines as well as other hot London groups. In June of this year a remote show put together by Jesse Malin and NYC’s Bowery Electric in honour of Johnny Thunders’ birthday. Peter and his son played an acoustic song called, “Thy Will Be Done,” which was written long ago by Peter with help from Johnny Thunders to an audience of rock n’ roll fans worldwide watching through their computers.

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