JEEN – ” Anything You Want “

Posted: November 5, 2020 in MUSIC

Speaking of the ’90s, the indie-pop music of that time was equally sublime and provocative. It was not all big anthems and cheesy lyrics. The songs caused your chest to swell, your mind to go momentarily blank, and your body feel like it was levitating. If you’re too young to understand this experience, Jeen O’Brien – or simply Jeen. – offers a little history lesson with “Anything You Want”.

The track is guitar-pop perfection. It not only elicits all the emotions described above, but it also makes you believe that there are better things ahead. With the crystalline guitar and pulsating bass soaring in the background, Jeen. lushly tells us that we can do whatever we want. That even in these tough times, we can still dream big and strive to be the very best. Yes the world has changed and there are limits, but our imaginations and hopes are limitless.

Jeen’s self-titled, new album is out October 9th. If it’s littered with other uplifting gems like this, it will be the warm, uplifting record we will all need come the fall.

Jeen is in Cookie Duster (w/Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene) +has 6 solo records. Her songs have been used for many tv/movies+national ad campaigns.

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