PUP – ” Rot “

Posted: October 24, 2020 in MUSIC
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Toronto punk darlings PUP released arguably their angriest, most fast-moving, existentially bleak and solid effort in last year’s “Morbid Stuff”. For the masochists of 2020, there’s more from where that came from when the “This Place Sucks Ass” EP, a collection of outtakes from those same sessions, spills over even more of that energy when it’s released later in October. So far, we’ve already heard some of it with the recent singles “Anaphylaxis” and their playful Grandaddy cover of “A.M. 180”, and now its latest preview in “ROT” very much lives up to the disclaimer that the tracks were cut for being too “frenetic” or “unhinged”. “Maybe I’ve been dreaming in lo-fi / Like I just can’t stop / Maybe I’ve been rotting on the inside / All alone with my negative thoughts,” Stefan Babcock’s anxieties are delightfully shrill in stereo. 

For PUP, a band whose breakout album begins with the all-time great kickoff line “If this tour doesn’t kill you then I will,” the only thing worse than being trapped on tour for a year is being trapped without the possibility of touring for a year. Innumerable great young bands have seen their touring careers stalled by the pandemic, and Pup is one of them: Instead of seizing the momentum of 2019’s phenomenal Morbid Stuff with another round of shows, the Toronto punk band is trapped at home and getting their aggression out with a characteristically misanthropic EP, This Place Sucks Ass. Titled after a routine tour refrain-turned-pandemic commentary (“at this moment in time, it feels so fucking real—wherever you are, it sucks ass right now,” frontman Stefan Babcock , the 17-minute release compresses the band’s infectious feel-bad punk energy into five new ragers and one cover.

Pup’s New EP ‘This Place Sucks Ass’ out 23rd October on Little Dipper / Rise Records.

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