SUZIE TRUE – ” Saddest Girl at The Party “

Posted: October 3, 2020 in MUSIC
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It’s been an odd few months for LA’s finest, “cry baby pop punk band”, Suzie True. When we last featured them back in July, they were all set for the August release of their debut album, “Saddest Girl At The Party”. Since then, after accusations of abuse against their former label, the band have put the whole thing on hold. That was until this week, when they shared a brand new single, “Bailey”, and confirmed their album, having found a new home in queer-owned label Get Better Records, will see the light of day in November.

As the band’s songwriter, Lexi McCoy recently explained, “the song was inspired by my friend Bailey…they were my first friend who was openly out, and they inspired me to come out as bi to my friends and family. They still actively inspire me to be creative, kind and the best version of myself I can be”. This tale of a powerfully loving friendship, manifests as a bristling, lo-fi punk banger, with a driving drum beat, wonderfully infectious bass-line and Lexi’s half-coo-half-snarl of a vocal that chimes out, “I swear you’re the only one who gets me, everyone else makes me think I’m crazy”.

A suitably heart-warming tale to accompany the fabulous news that despite its tribulations, Suzie True’s album will arrive into the world after all. This is only the start of their story, their first musical chapter, yet from what we’ve heard so far, Saddest Girl At The Party is already making us very happy.

Saddest Girl At The Party is out November 27th via Get Better Records.

Suzie True, Los Angeles, California

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