ATTIC SALT – ” Get Wise “

Posted: October 3, 2020 in MUSIC
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Attic Salt

Hailing from what we’re reliably informed is a, “vibrant punk scene”, in Springfield, Illinois, Attic Salt first emerged back in 2017 with their self-titled debut album. The band have since toured relentlessly, both across the US and internationally, all the while working on the songs that would go on to form their second album, “Get Wise”. The album was released last week on Jump Start Records, and was recently previewed through stand-out track, “Fool 4 U“.

A song about, “having a crush on someone that you wish you didn’t and hoping you could just get over it”, Fool 4 U is a fabulous introduction to Attic Salt’s takes on bedroom pop-punk. The track buzzes by on a clatter of drums, chiming guitars and Alyssa Currie’s languid vocal tones, the whole thing comes across like the missing middle ground of Martha and Waxahatchee. While there’s nothing overly complex about the music Attic Salt make, there’s something wonderfully refreshing about this reminder of what can be done with a handful of chords, a catchy melody and a story to tell.

Get Wise” is out now via Jump Start Records released September 25th, 2020

All songs written by Attic Salt.

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