RON GALLO – ” Easter Island “

Posted: August 13, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Fourth installment of the self-made quarantine music videos.  Found this quote about Easter Island from a person named Judith Schalansky that I feel like perfectly summed up the whole point of the song so put it right at the beginning – “Whether an island such as Easter Island can be considered remote is simply a matter of perspective. Those who live there, the Rapa Nui, call their homeland Te Pito Te Henua, ‘the navel of the world’. Any point on the infinite globe of the Earth can become a centre.”

Just a simple one-shot video walking backwards on a wooded trail in my favourite orange vogue jumpsuit I found the other day and crocs, talking to myself via the lyrics of the song.

“Easter Island” is about wanting to be anywhere but where you are, but also deep down knowing that everything I’m looking for is already here.  It’s kinda taken on a whole new meaning now with not being able to really go anywhere –  I’ve been romanticizing everywhere but have no choice but to find it where I am.

I’ve been obsessed with the actual place Easter Island since I was a little kid, it’s so mysterious and one of the most remote places on earth – it’s always been a sort of mecca for me so I wanted to use that as the main symbol for the song.

Musically, I finally went full jazz on this one mixed with some 808 stuff at the end and I guess I’m almost rapping for the first time ? which just happened  –  I recorded all the music then held the paper with the lyrics, pressed record and this is what came out the first time.


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