The BLACK HEART DEATH CULT – ” The Black Heart Death Cult “

Posted: July 4, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Welcome to the debut album from Melbourne, Australian psych quintet The Black Heart Death Cult.

A side: droney sitar sling (Setting Sun), space rocked mellotron flutes through fuzz pedals (She’s a Believer), walls of verb (Black Rainbow), psych folk wanderings (The Magic Lamp) & guitar-o-rama (Aloha from Hell) show these future sailors know their way around the high psych seas.
Droney & dark but always with some light shining through, expect pretty much the same thing from the B side, an intergalactic fret board freak out!!.

Recorded over a sprawling 2 years (Sing Sing & Newmarket Studios) from early 2015 & produced by Ricky Maymi from The Brian Jonestown Massace, their self titled debut LP was released Jan 2019 through Oak Island Records (Kozmik Artifactz).

Debut single “She’s a Believer” & the “Black Rainbow” EP

>This is Sparkly magic mountain-drops fall from the outer cosmic reaches in the re-imagined mind-forest of The Flower Captain Gloom/doom singer/songwriter Sasha L Smith envisions a brave new dark age of droney bliss in the sonic bazaar. Domenic Evans fret wizard, Deon Slaviero bass dealer, Andy Nunns time machine & Gabbie Potocnik Italian keys are on the magic bus we call “The Black Heart Death Cult”.  Awesome Psychedelic Flower Doom that is reminiscent of Turtle Skull; but with a bit more 60ies flare. The LP has 3 tracks from the EP which is both a good & bad thing. Good in that they are the cream of the EP, & the EP is very creamy. Bad in that if you already have the EP, you have a third of the LP. Having said that, I have the EP but after hearing the LP I just had to have it. The new tracks build on the brilliance of the EP & the structure of the LP ensures each song complements the next.


As yet untitled 2nd LP is slated for release late 2020.

Released January 18th, 2019

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