NO AGE – ” Goons Be Gone “

Posted: June 7, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Two years ago, No Age returned after a five year stretch without releasing a new album with the excellent Snares Like a Haircut. Alongside their newly reconvened independent status in signing with the truly autonamous Drag City Records, their fifth full-length effort heard Dean Spunt and Randy Randall putting together the best of their scratchy lo-fi ethos with enriched fever dreaming throughout their soundscape that made for a deliriously, caffeinated binge of art punk. A return to form it was, but without rehashing the past, if you will.

It’s not going to take another half decade to get new No Age, thankfully. This June, the heroes of the Los Angeles Smell scene era will return with their sixth studio effort Goons Be Gone. It’s being touted as their most direct statement yet, and that’s not a bluff when listening to its leadoff listen “Turned to String”. The hook-concentrated listen swirls in a woozy chug-along of thick-riffed wave riding and sunspot synths looping their way into the static. “But I already know too much / Not better now,” Spunts reflections wane into the sky, though this listen proves otherwise.


No Age’s latest and greatest, Goons Be Gone, is finally out! Effortlessly raw and extravagant in one practiced swoop, Goons Be Gone sees No Age set their live/bedroom internal clock to get out early into a glorious wind-tunnel of naked beats and sunbaked guitars, forming a wave from which they hang eleven tunes.

No Age is Randy Randall and Dean Spunt.

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