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“Run It Again” is 10 – song album that shines a fresh light on a raw sort of garage rock, full of melody, smart lyrics and hooks for days. Recorded at Future Shock studio in LA, produced by Alex Newport (Death Cab For Cutie, Frank Turner, Bloc Party), there’s an artful flow to the collection of songs. Though the band recognizes that for many listeners these days it’s an a la carte world, Sean Erickson (SE) states, “We put a lot of thought into the song order.” And it must be said – these guys really know how to sing. In particular, lead vocalist Michael Fiore seems able to effortlessly cram or stretch syllables at will.
Released March 1st, 2019 , All songs written by Michael Fiore except “Turpentine” written by Michael Hiller.
This record is a small collection of songs that were left off of the original album as well as a reworking of two tracks. When narrowing down the tracks that would comprise “Run It Again”, the band collectively agreed on 10 out of the 16 – 20 songs they had written for the full – length, setting aside the rest that didn’t quite flow within the sequence as well but would certainly see the light of day eventually in some capacity.

“I think these songs on the EP really show the depth and range of the band, ” frontman Michael Fiore said. “Especially the quieter stuff like ‘Mississippi Belle’, which was definitely influenced by Big Star and generally the early ‘70s ballads like early Faces and the like. ”Elsewhere”, the acoustic version of “Rearrange Me ” [“Rearrange Me (Rearranged)”] – a song the band has reimagined a few times over its career and which has taken its rightful place as the band’s ‘signature song’ of sorts due to this fact – came about when Fiore played it at one of his best friend’s weddings last September.

Released October 4th, 2019

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