TANYA DONNELLY – ” Only You ” Yazoo Cover

Posted: May 26, 2020 in MUSIC
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Hello and welcome to Sunday episode #6!
This week’s song, “Only You” by Yazoo, was requested via this bandcamp page, and thank you, Mark W, for suggesting this one. Upstairs At Eric’s was easily one of the most played albums of my late teens, shared with the people I spent every possible waking hour with back then — dancing to it in Dave N’s attic, lying on the sand listening on a Walkman with shared headphones, a boom box on the cliffs at night. The songs on that album hit so many heartstrings: love (of course), hurt (obviously), confusions, kinships, finding a place to land for a while.
Our guest singer this week is Andrea Gillis, who is inarguably one of Boston’s MVP singers, as well as being one of the best loved people here. Marc Pinansky is our fantastic guest guitarist, and on accordion, the always wonderful Elizabeth Steen (with whom we’ve collaborated for many, many moons). These are also three of the funniest people I know.
Also throwing in another bonus vid of me and Dean in our bunker, playing one of ours.
Your donations this week will go to Horizons for Homeless Children
released May 24th, 2020
The Band:
Tanya: vocals
Russell Chudnofsky: acoustic and 12 string guitars
Joe McMahon: piano, toy piano
Dean Fisher: percussion
Andrea Gillis: vocals
Elizabeth Steen: accordion
Marc Pinansky: electric guitar, slide

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