JENNY O – ” New Truth “

Posted: May 25, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Since announcing her third full-length record “New Truth”, Jenny O. (full name Jennifer Anne Ognibene) has shared a new song every two weeks. Now she has shared the album’s fourth single “Even If I Tried.” New Truth is due out June 19th via Mama Bird Recording Co. On the new song Ognibene delivers an upbeat and sunny melody about breaking free from the toxic people in your life. She rejoices in discovering she is better off without the “dead inside” accomplice: “But good news!/No one has to talk to you/The world keeps turning/And you, you fade away.”

In a press release Ognibene shared her inspiration behind the new track: “Everyone knows somebody who is always a critic and just won’t listen. Often those with the strongest opinions have the most uninspired lives. People exist this way for years, decades, generations. Fortunately, you can ditch them for supportive friends and a life of curiosity and fun.”

Prior to “Even If I Tried,” Ognibene released the track “What About That Day,” a cathartic daydream featuring Ognibene’s gentle timbre and surrounding ethereal harmonies. She also recently shared this note relating to her forthcoming album:

“Hey, Here’s my new album, it’s called “New Truth”New Truth is coming to terms with my deaf ear. It’s any new accepted reality. It’s the hilarious way I wore my hair for a week before cutting it away from my face. The songs are as personal as ever—continued misadventures of an introvert in Hollywood. I think it’s relatable—heartache and epiphany—I hope people like it?

I’m singing lower sometimes, I always assumed I’d move back into my lower register, I finally have. Hard to get power that way, but I don’t sound like a little kid. I’ll have to practice singing them a lot, and it will be trickier to pull off live. I recorded this album with Kevin Ratterman, who is so fast, so patient, willing to try anything, and so much fun. It was important to me to have a good time while making it, and we did. I played all the guitars on this record. I wanted to channel the freedom of the Home and Work EPs, but recorded way better. I took solos! I played bass, except Rachel Goodrich did the funkier two songs because her time is better than mine. The past couple albums were tracked live to tape with a rhythm section, so someone would quickly learn something great and close to my demo but not exactly. I wanted to play bass this time.

Kevin set up his nice microphone at my place so I could do all my vocals alone while he was making another record. It’s the best way—much faster and more free to experiment by myself. Building harmonies on a whole album with an engineer can get frustrating, communicating between each take.


All songs written by Jenny O.
Jennifer Ognibene – The Sleepy Anne Publishing Company

Releases June 19th, 2020

2020 Mama Bird Recording Co.

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