The Forgotten Sydney Of AC/DC – Documentary

Posted: May 25, 2020 in MUSIC
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Tom Compagnoni’s film The Forgotten Sydney Of AC/DC is launched online – features archive footage and interview clips with band’s early members,

A new documentary exploring AC/DC’s early days in Sydney has been launched online. The project was helmed by Tom Compagnoni and features archive footage along with interviews with early band members Dave Evans, Mark Evans, Noel Taylor, Rob Bailey and Tony Currenti. The Forgotten Sydney of AC/DC sees them sharing their recollections from the mid-70s, including rehearsals, filming their first video at Cronulla’s The Last Picture Show, and the moment Angus Young first appeared in his famous schoolboy uniform at Victoria Park Pool.

A statement on the film reads: “AC/DC was indisputably born and bred in Sydney but there aren’t the statues, plaques and laneways that other cities have to show the origins of one of the biggest rock bands of all time.

“Take a high-voltage trip through Sydney and learn about the forgotten haunts and the story that shaped AC/DC.”
The film also has footage from after Malcolm Young’s funeral in the city, while the guys lament the decline of Sydney’s live music scene.

The story of AC/DC’s formative years in Sydney is told through the recollections of early members Mark Evans (bass player 1975-77), Noel Taylor (drummer 1974) and Rob Bailey (bass player 1975-75). They recall band rehearsals and social events at the Young family home in Burwood, seeing Angus first don his schoolboy outfit at Victoria Park Pool, filming the first video clip in The Last Picture Show in Cronulla and recording their first album at Albert Studios on King St in the heart of Sydney.

Meanwhile in Penshurst, Tony Currenti, an Italian immigrant and owner of Tonino’s Penshurst Pizzeria, tells the story of how he unexpectedly became the drummer on AC/DC’s debut album, High Voltage. After completing work on the album, Tony declined an offer to formally join the band – and then watched as they became one of the biggest groups in the world. Tony still works in the pizza shop, its walls lovingly adorned with AC/DC posters, records and photos from his brief time in the band.

All members reflect on Sydney’s role in shaping AC/DC and more generally on the decline of Sydney as a live music hub.

Earlier this month, Vocalist Brian Johnson sent a message to AC/DC fans during the online Bonfest celebrations.
There’s been much speculation about his return to the fold after he was forced to stop touring with AC/DC back in 2016.

He appeared to confirm his return to the band back in January last year after being spotted outside a Vancouver studio with drummer Phil Rudd in August 2018.

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