SAN CISCO – ” On The Line “

Posted: May 24, 2020 in MUSIC
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San Cisco Between You and Me album art

Something about this indie pop Australian band always makes me smile, and “On the Line” is no exception: With a beachy bounce and sun-kissed warmth reminiscent of say Prefab Sprout, San Cisco’s latest single heralds the long-awaited return of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. If only we could go out and take advantage!

Yet music can, and so often is its own escape. Those glazed guitar riffs and “could you love me one more time?” chants welcome us to close our eyes and slip into a bright, buoyant new reality. A catchy indie pop “bop,” this is the song that will get us dancing all over the room, letting loose whatever stiffness has been building in our bones as we throw caution to the four winds and let it all out. I remember hopping around to songs like “Fred Astaire” eight years ago – that was always my favourite track off San Cisco’s 2012 self-titled. You never know where a band will go over time, and indeed so many of this group’s contemporaries are no longer together, or have gone on to new projects. I’m glad San Cisco are doing what they’re doing, because they do it so darn well: Every song is a delightful burst of sunlight, not to mention a sweet kiss upon the cheek. Listen to “On the Line” and indulge; a track so full of urgency and hope, San Cisco’s newest offering will fill an empty room with dazzling, gleaming light.

Band Members
Jordi & Josh & Scarlett

‘On The Line’ is the latest single from San Cisco

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