SARAH WALK – ” Another Me “

Posted: May 22, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Sarah Walk released her debut album ‘Little Black Book’ in 2017 via One Little Indian Records. At once aching and artful, her work speaks to every magnitude of love and loss, while also examining identity, sexuality, nostalgia, and homesickness.

Her sophomore album ‘Another Me’ is set to release in 2020, produced by Leo Abrahams (Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, David Byrne, Brian Eno). I wanted to make a point early on with this record that there is a lot that women feel and experience outside of what exists in their romantic relationships” says singer-songwriter Sarah Walk, who has just announced her stunning sophomore album, ‘Another Me’ on One Little Indian Records.

‘Another Me’ starts as it means to go on, taking a swipe at the patriarchy, and delivering a cold hard look at the institutionalized entitlement of men. Indeed, Walk opens with the line:

“Nothing’s hurt me more than men that grew up with no consequences, why is it my job to fix this mess? You’re always ready to defend, you hear my concern as anger, and no-one wants an angry woman”.


Releases August 28th, 2020

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