The PREFAB MESSIAHS – ” 21st Century Failure “

Posted: April 10, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Pandemics rage! Economies totter! Political systems rot! — and the environment circles the drain..Micro-legendary DIY Garage-Pop-Psych provocateurs! Evolutionary genre grinders practicing art-damaged power pop, rock, crunch, jangle and general mind-infiltration..

What better time for The Prefab Messiahs to set it all up, lay it all out, and burn it all down? “21st Century Failure” is a take-no-prisoners anthem tailor-made for those socially isolated moments when only a ranting, post-punk-psych-garage-pop-rave up will do!

The track was performed SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY in three separate SOCIALLY ISOLATED LOCALES by Xeerox Feinberg, Doc Michaud, and Trip Thompson.

Friends, let’s call this situation what it is — a “21st Century Failure”!
That’s also the name of our new track, coming to Bandcamp and all the streamers on April 10th

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