STARCRAWLER – ” Unreleased Songs “

Posted: March 30, 2020 in MUSIC
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Here are a couple tracks we recorded when we first formed as a band. When we recorded these, we hadn’t played a show yet, and we hadn’t even found a bass player. My grandma would pick me and Henri up from school every day and we’d practice and write songs in their garage. Once we got enough songs, we wanted to record them immediately. So we made some demos and sent them to Steven McDonald in hopes that he’d be interested in producing us. Steven played in the band Redd Kross and now plays with the Melvins, and we were huge fans so we were really nervous about if he would be down to record us or not. Turns out he was, and we got to record in his studio using Melvins gear. It was probably the greatest first experience we could have asked for. Since we hadn’t found Tim to be our bass player yet, Steven played bass on these tracks. In the end, we only released 2 of the songs for our first single with Rough Trade, and saved the rest for our first album. I’m so glad to finally release these versions of the songs, they fully encapsulate that magical feeling you get when you know you’ve created something so special. Something that only you could create and no one else.
released March 23rd, 2020

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