EMMA CHARLES – ” Connecticut “

Posted: March 23, 2020 in MUSIC
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Emma Charles back when she was still taking classes at Berklee College of Music. She has since relocated to Los Angeles, and now shares her endearing style of folk pop with a gorgeous, nostalgia-inflected video for new single “Connecticut.”

This is the title track from a 4-song EP that came out last month, produced by Doug Schadt, who has worked with both Shaed and Maggie Rogers. Emma delivers a heartfelt performance that maps out an emotional journey from her hometown on the East Coast to a new life in California. A hushed, guitar-based melody provides an evocative backdrop for Emma’s riveting vocal performance and a wistful exploration of the connection between memory and regret. At the intersection of self-examination and roots-Americana the organic sound of Emma Charles never fails to captivate, as we collectively stand witness to an emergent star who surrenders her full heart with every passionate song.

Big sounding acoustic guitars, and a soft emotional vocal is the sound of “Connecticut”  by Emma Charles. This ambient track is the closing song of Emma Charles’ new EP released in late February. The song has a calming energy and feels like the soundtrack of a long drive, of traveling thousands of miles on a long highway. The lyrics dive into the emotions of leaving a small Connecticut hometown for something much bigger. It’s about self-discovery and exploration. It’s hard to ignore Emma Charles’ poetic lyrics and imagery. This sound is truly a gem in today’s music industry!

Emma Charles sets the mood for driving across America in her new song “Connecticut.” Song written by Emma Charles and Doug Schadt

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