TALKER – ” Suck Up “

Posted: February 22, 2020 in MUSIC
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Grunge-pop siren Celeste Tauchar, aka Talker, started 2019 by releasing her very good “Horror Films” EP and finished it with the even-better single “Learning the Feeling.” 

If you don’t know yet, Talker chances are she knows you – or at least she knows how you think. Through her growing catalog of work, LA’s Celeste Tauchar has amassed a thorough exploration of the internal struggles that plague us. From grappling with our perceived inability to break unhealthy cycles (“Changes”), to feeling adrift and abandoned when a loved one moves on to greener pastures (“Keep Me Safe”), and knowing that sometimes the best way to do right by someone is a path wrought with pain (“Passive”), she taps into a wellspring of candor and confessionalism unmatched in the burgeoning rock scene of 2020.

Here’s the second EP ,so expect the singer-songwriter to uncork more emotions with her characteristic grit and grace. The Rising alt-rock star talker continues to roll out her forthcoming EP ‘Wax’ with her deepest cut yet. “Suck Up” is an anxiety-driven search for one’s sense of self with no easy answers. But its furious intensity dispels the malaise one headbanging chorus after another.

Continuing her ethos of pulling no punches, she returns with her third cut off her upcoming EP “Wax” (due March 6th). After the emotional catharsis of “Learning the Feeling,” “Suck Up” excavates perhaps her most fretful subject matter to date. Blistering guitars propel an internal monologue on a desperate search for one’s identity. Who am I? she asks. And am I ever good enough to be accepted?

“Suck Up” – Performed by talker ,Written by Celeste Tauchar and Dan Sadin

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